p-hiroshisawada_28a4250Hiroshi Sawada

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia St, MS0220
Reno, NV, 89577-0220

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Research Interests
High Energy Density Plasma Physics, High-intensity, Laser physics, Optics, Inertial Confinement Fusion, Fast Ignition, Laser-matter interaction

Ph.D. Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Rochester 2008
Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE)
Ph.D thesis entitled as ‘Experimental Investigation of a Direct-Drive Shock Wave Heated and Compressed Planar Target relevant to ICF
M.S. Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Rochester 2001
B.S. Department of Electrical Engineering  Kinki University, Japan 2000

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor University of Nevada, Reno (2012/07 – present)
Specially appointed Assistant professor, Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Japan (2016/06 – 2016/08)
Assistant Project Scientist University of California, San Diego (2011/10 – 2012/06)
Post Doctoral Researcher University of California, San Diego (2008/09 – 2011/09)

PHYS 461/661 Modern Optics & Photonics (Spring2013, Spring2014, Spring2015, Spring2016, Spring2017)
PHYS 484/684 Introduction to High Energy Density Physics (Fall 2013, 3 undergrads, 2 grads)
PHYS 771 High Energy Density Physics (Fall 2014, 10 grads)
PHYS 725 Laser Physics (Fall 2015, 15 grads)
PHYS 483/683 Introduction to High Energy Density Physics and Laser Fusion (Fall 2016, 7 grads, 8 undergrads)


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